Muzik 15 Saskatchewan Rd
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 595-9998
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Vistor Feedback
September 27, 2009 Love this place
If you think expensive is the best then you are right. This place is supper expensive but you get what you pay for. Girls are beautiful and they serve you right. Music... honestly I can't remember, just having too much good time that music is the last one that i would pay attention at. Anyway, will come again to enjoy the music next time.

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July 24, 2009 Very nice high end place
Muzik name speaks for itself - music there is amazing. You often expect some heavy stuff, but their DJ do some magic. Some R&B, light rock mixed with some talent and result worth paying high cover. Muzik is more of a high end club with very nice decor, and outside patio. We came early and were on VIP list, so got in quickly. Seems like other people didn't get to wait too long. Oh, one more thing... girls are very pretty there.

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