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January 22, 2011 
Go Go Dancer

January 22, 2011 

January 22, 2011 
Bar Tender

April 18, 2010 
Handy man

March 29, 2010 

March 29, 2010 
Sound Manager

March 29, 2010 

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Hy Lounge
Hy Lounge........Worst Bar ive been to in my life
Worst Bar ever......Never go there.......The bartenders are racist towards chinese, koreans, blacks. Absolutely worst pl...
Temple of Sound

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Level 2 Lounge
LOL WHut?????
The Fifth
Toronto Film Festival best party hosting club
Ah... The Fifth. Watch out this club for Toronto Film Festival and Fashion Week parties. They tend to generate the most buzz...
Asian dream
Tao is a Las Vegas club with the most buzz. If you are into clubbing, you should check Tao because it is so huge and fun...
The most famous club in Las Vegas
Pure is the most famous Las Vegas club. If you ever go to Vegas you come back knowing, hearing and hopefully experiencin...